This picture immediately grabbed my attention

So I was on Facebook earlier this afternoon and came across this picture. My first thought was correct, someone smashed a windshield and didn't say a damn word, no note, not even an attempt. I had the same thing happen to me years ago. So I took a couple of seconds to read this person's post and I was absolutely right - here is what was said: "Not news... but if you know who smoked my pickup with a golf ball at the YMCA and dipped not leaving a number, tell him he's dogsh*t at golf and it's time to pawn the clubs off" Now I'm not going to mention the golf course ( I don't think they are responsible one bit ), but most people when they read this will know where it took place.

Ok, let's get right to the point

So many people will say "Well listen, there are signs surrounding the parking lot warning you about the possibility of errant golf shots" - So what? This person that wrote this post saw the signs and yet still parked on the west side of the Y. This person knew the risks of what COULD happen ( which in fact did ). This person though also believes the exact way I do, if you are out playing golf and you hit a ball that comes down and cracks a windshield, the absolute right thing to do is own up to it! This person that wrote the post displayed a lot of class in my opinion. I talked to him on the phone and he had already accepted the sad reality that he would have to wind up paying the costs of the damages. By the way, not anywhere in his words that he wrote, was negative or hateful. My hope is that the person who hit that lousy shot will read what I wrote and realize just how easy it is to do the right thing.


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