I've said this before, many times, for me, it is impossible to relate to the anguish the Hurdle family is going through

A bright young man by the name of Chase Hurdle went missing late last year. At just 18 years of age, Bismarck High senior was last seen in person at the school on November 2nd and hasn't been sighted since. That very same day someone had reported seeing a young man matching his description jumping off the Memorial Bridge - now this matched the time frame that Chase went missing - cell phone tower data and his scent tracked by a North Dakota Highway Patrol K9 to the bridge is pretty scary evidence that Chase did jump into the Missouri River. Sadly days, weeks, and months go by, and still, the Hurdle family has no closure. That's impossible for me to relate to that anguish.

Darius Hurdle and the rest of his family never gave up hope

I had a chance to talk to Chase's father Darius on the phone back in December, he and his family still had not touched anything in his room, and there were Christmas presents under their tree waiting for his return.

The daily search for Chase

Sergeant Mark Gaddis from the Bismarck Police Department came into my office here at our radio station back in late November with a folded full of flyers and other such information involving the search for Chase, Mark was in pain as well - "The family deserves it, Chase deserves it" - his goal was simple, to find the 18-year-old.



Today is May 6th, 2022

The Bismarck Police Police Department had this posted on their Facebook page:

A reminder to never forget Chase Hurdle....

...and let's all keep our thoughts and prayers that the Hurdle family receives closure.



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