It's Friday, that means it's time for a new Cool Photo of the Week winner. The winner is...

Stephanie  Ell. Apparently, driving in Medora, she saw this small family of Deer cross the road on the way for another lunch stop. As the Doe was eating, the little one was watching her and her friend and the shot was taken.

Medora is such a beautiful place to visit because the wildlife is so active and available. That can be great or if you are being chased by a buffalo it can be not so great.

The photo came out really well using natural light and that's a credit to the photographer.

So, Stephanie takes a little trip to Medora, takes a couple of photos, winds up with this one and boom! Platter of Subway Subs just like that. Hope her office gets invited to the party if there isn't a family one attached to this prize.

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