The gas prices are currently as low as they've been since 2008. This means roads will be even busier than normal for Thanksgiving weekend.

The average price of gas in North Dakota is currently $2.09 (the same as the average cost in Bismarck), which is six cents cheaper than 2015 during Thanksgiving time. In 2013, the average was over $3 per gallon. If nothing else, we can say we're thankful for where the prices are at the present time.

The lowest prices you can find are out east in Fargo, with an average price of $1.88. Should you travel to Minnesota, Duluth stations are averaging $1.89 per gallon, while Minneapolis gas stations are between $1.89 and $1.99 per gallon.

According to AAA, a nationwide increase of 2 percent of travelers is expected this year, which equates to 48.7 million travelers, which is the most since 2007. With gas prices cheaper than last year, an estimated $28 billion is being saved by consumers this year on gas alone.

As for travel conditions, the National Weather Service says most of North Dakota's roads are looking pretty clear for the holiday weekend. The same goes for South Dakota, for anyone traveling south. However, the Grand Forks region and north of that up to the Canadian border may experience some slick roads on Tuesday nights, along with the potential there for 2 to 4 inches of snow.

Be careful on the roads, everyone and have a safe and happy holiday weekend!