The gas prices in the state of North Dakota are as low as they've been since October 2017.

According to AAA's daily survey of gas stations, the average price per gallon of regular unleaded gas in North Dakota is $2.41. That price is $0.36 less than it was just a month ago and $0.10 less than it was in December 2017.

AAA says that inventory levels of crude oil and gas have been increasing which means that gas prices may continue to be on the decline. Gas prices could drop as low as $2.30 per gallon before the end of 2018 if the price of crude oil doesn't sharply increase.

November's price of gas at $2.77 was as high as gas prices had been since November 2014, when the average price was $3.03.

The average price is also broken down by county for each state on AAA's website. In Burleigh County, the average price of regular unleaded gas is $2.45 per gallon. In Bismarck, most gas stations are at $2.39 per gallon or less.

The southeastern counties in the state have the cheapest average gas price. In fact, in Ransom County, the average price is less than $2 at $1.92.

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