It's been over a decade since gas prices have been as low as they currently are for the month of June.

According to AAA, the average price per gallon for gas in North Dakota is $2.26. That is the lowest mark for June in 12 years. That price is also $0.85 lower than the average during the month of June from 2005-2016.

Eugene LaDoucer, a spokesman for AAA, told WDAY that prices may stay the same, at least until the Fourth of July weekend hits.

Last year, several long-time low records for gas prices were broken in North Dakota. The 12-year low for June is the first to break any records in 2017. The highest price per gallon for any month in North Dakota was in May 2013 at $4.24.

Currently, the lowest price per gallon at any station in North Dakota is $2.05. In Bismarck, the lowest is $2.27 at several stations.

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