I remember that old campaign like it was yesterday

Way back in 1993 America started hearing "Got Milk", encouraging everyone to embrace milk if you will. Even before that, there was "Everybody needs milk", which came out in 1969 by the dairy industry. Of course, both promotional ideas were pretty effective except for the fact that some people said that NOT "Everybody needs milk", for there are those who are lactose intolerant. Milk was part of my life growing up and I'm sure it was for many others as well, so when I had heard of a possible shortage out here in North Dakota, I took a second to look into this.

Governor Doug Burgum to the rescue

Just to make it perfectly clear, the shortage of milk was NOT due to a lack of cows producing in North Dakota. There was a lack of delivery drivers. and two milk distributors in North Dakota closed their doors for good. According to inforum.com "Gov. Doug Burgum signed an executive order on Tuesday, Jan. 25, aimed at easing the shortage of milk delivery drivers that's causing difficulties in getting milk to dozens of school districts and consumers in North Dakota" - also besides the shortage of drivers, there were two places that delivered milk who shut down their operations - Red River Dairy and Lakeview Dairy. That created a problem for the many who depended on getting milk, "more than 50 North Dakota school districts and consumers in rural areas at risk of losing their milk deliveries" inforum.com also reported.


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