I swear ever since I moved here over 8 years ago the title of this story has been brought up

Things in life happen so fast, when I moved from California to Fargo, North Dakota back in 2014 there was no such thing as a cannabis dispensary - now when I go back home for a couple of days I am blown away, seems like every other street corner either has a Mexican food place OR a dispensary. When I was a kid the drug marijuana seemed so mysterious, and when the funky smell wafted over, people usually made an effort to hide it. I honestly don't come across it too much out there in North Dakota, but I know of many people who are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping things change.

So will it pass? Will we see North Dakotans smoking pot legally?

That is one of the issues that people are voting on today, election day! We are not the only State that is attempting this, Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, and South Dakota are the other ones - check this out, there are actually 19 States that are enjoying their weed legally. North Dakota has been on the fence for years, coming close to this passing many times - will this finally be the year that people can light up recreationally? According to cnbc.com "Marijuana legalization did not pass in North Dakota when it appeared on ballots in 2018, losing by a margin of 41% to 59%...Voters in a handful of states — including four that traditionally favor Republicans — are set to decide Tuesday ( Today ) whether to legalize recreational marijuana, paving the way for its sale and cultivation in newly regulated markets across the country"

Only time will tell on this...

Are you for or against this?


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