Some people are starting to think it never will happen

I wrote about this yesterday, election day here in Bismarck, North Dakota. One of the most popular, heated, and controversial subjects on the ballot was the good old number 2 - North Dakota Measure No. 2. Legalizes marijuana. Legalizes the use and sale of marijuana by adults 21 and older. In years past, this has come about and failed - just four years ago so many North Dakotans were hopeful when this was voted on - "It's finally going to pass!" one such person wrote.  "Close but no Blunt" - reported back then " Marijuana legalization did not pass in North Dakota...losing by a margin of 41% to 59%..."

Well, four years is a long time, sort of...has North Dakota loosened up a bit, and is ready to join the others?

By others, I mean the NOW 21 States that are smoking their pot legally. There were four other States that were also trying to get this passed, and Maryland and Missouri did just that. The many arguments for having marijuana legalized are that alcohol is worse than this "gateway drug from a cannabis plant. Last night's results were a little closer than 2018 BUT still failed - losing 45.1% to 54.9%. I saw a post on a social media FB page "What's it going to take for this to happen?" No one has that answer - I talked to a North Dakota native and he believes eventually the whole "North Dakota Conservative" thing will wear down, and people will be able to smoke their herb legally. There are still quite a few that refer to marijuana tokers as "Hippies and stoners" Some associate pot with crime and other drugs. Yes, medicinal use of marijuana is available but the dream to walk into a local dispensary and buy ganja will have to wait.

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