This is one of those tricky subjects. Someone comes into work one day waving one of those letters, something most of us get in the mail at one time or another. The reaction is usually this - "Ah man, I just got a jury notice"

Do you immediately think of ways to get out of it?

You will hear every possible excuse from people on WHY they don't want to get selected to be on a jury - some points are valid - like it's a financial burden if they have to miss work for more than two or three days. After all, you are only paid a certain amount per day and your gas mileage to and from the courthouse is compensated.

Some people relish the opportunity

I was one of those that HOPED I get picked. The whole process is fascinating to me. Both the defense and prosecution lawyers interview everyone in the courtroom and eventually dismiss people until they are left with a jury. Most cases are pretty routine and downright boring....but every once in a while...

High profile trials like the one here in Mandan

We are experiencing something right now here in Bismarck/Mandan that has the whole nation intrigued. Thanks to Court TV cameras are allowed to televise most of what the jury hears and sees - Chad Isaak from Washburn is on trial now for murder for the horrible tragedy of what took place on April 1st, 2019 - four people lost their lives here in Mandan. This is being televised all over the country.

Real-life drama

Some may not think our judicial system is accurate or fair - I disagree, and I strongly feel great respect for those that are a part of it. It is your civic duty to serve, and it is an honor that you will never forget.


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