On the morning of December 3, 2021, a child was struck by a car in West Fargo.

Valley News Live reports that at 6:35 AM today, a child was struck by a car in West Fargo. The child was rushed to the hospital for their injuries and is expected to recover. The incident is reportedly under investigation, but at this point, the driver was not cited for the accident.

Should North Dakota children be walking unaccompanied by an adult?

The details in this story are minimal and we do not know if the kid was with or without an adult, but the situation got me thinking about the amount of unaccompanied young children I see running around outside in North Dakota. I am not even a parent and I get all concerned about children I see roaming the streets all alone. And I seriously wonder why a child would be outside alone and out of a guardian's eyesight for any reason.


Seriously, why are young children allowed to roam wherever without an adult - even in little ol' North Dakota? Do parents not realize how dangerous that can be? A child could be abducted or, like the instance from this morning, hit by a vehicle. Those two situations may be extreme, but it happens.

I admittedly did grow up pretty sheltered. I do not think my parents let me walk to school until I was in my teens. And I commend them for being responsible parents when it comes to matters like letting us run around outside alone at young ages. Your kids' lives are precious and should be protected. How can anyone protect a child when they are out and about in the world alone?

How do you feel about young North Dakota kids walking alone outside?

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