The biggest star of the young NFL season? A previously unknown reporter named Sergio Dipp.

Dipp, 29, known for his work on ESPN Deportes, found himself smack in the spotlight after he gave a sideline report while working ESPN's coverage of Monday's Chargers-Broncos game. His report wasn't exactly what you'd call solid.

The Internet, as it will whenever it sniffs a moment that seems too good to be true, had a field day with him, showing both love and vitriol and plenty of mockery.

Dipp himself is taking all the attention in stride and even posted a dramatic video in response.

No matter where you stand, you've gotta give him credit for one thing: he somehow stole the thunder in a broadcast that featured former Jets and Bills head coach Rex Ryan and Beth Mowins, who became the first woman to call an NFL game on TV since 1987. That's no easy feat.

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