A Rugby, ND farmer was fed up with deer eating his crops, he took the trespassing issue into his own hands and is now facing the long arm of the law for killing over 20 deer on his land according to Inforum.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images
Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

Game Wardens responding to a tip to the Report All Poachers hotline, went to investigate the call at the Klein farmstead near Balta, a community West of Minot. When official's interviewed farmer Klein, the farmer told the game warden, he was frustrated with the deer eating his grain, therefore he took the situation into his own hands and shot them The total head count of dead deer could be as high as 29.

Most of the dead or wounded deer was shot with an Stevens model 2000 caliber .22-250. According to court documents Klein reportedly admitted to killing at least seven deer “and likely more,”

The farmer is facing seven counts of misdemeanor A charges, punishable by up to a year behind bars for each deer, and up to $3000 in fines and restitution.

The state is now in possession of Klein's firearms.

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