Class is officially in-session for many North Dakota Schools. North Dakota State University was one school that started up on Monday (August 24) afternoon. Now, not even one week into classes, TWO Greek houses on the campus are under quarantine.

According to Valley News Live (Fargo), the University of North Dakota has asked that two Greek houses quarantine. There are not a lot of details on the story, but the North Dakota Department of Health will decide if there must be a full quarantine at the houses. Get the full details from Valley News Live here.

What a time to be alive - seriously, but not positively. I am sad for parents, teachers, and students dealing with all of this. I cannot imagine what a parent would feel (no matter their beliefs with COVID-19), knowing their child's education may suffer because this new way of life. I cannot imagine how a teacher must feel when they have to force their students to stay apart instead of bringing them together to learn. And I cannot imagine how students feel (at any level of education), knowing that they are basically in school to learn and nothing else - those years are meant for both learning and living.

Now, I loved a sleep over with my girls in college, but I think I would kind of dread a forced lock-in with them for weeks. I mean, this little "staycation" with fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters is not exactly a luxurious time away from class. I hope that - if the students are kept in for 14 days - the students are able to be comfortable in their homes.

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