If you're wondering just who is behind the whole multi-state sweep of anti-abortion legislation, here is one answer.

When Georgia, Ohio, Missouri and Alabama started pushing their extreme "pro-life" legislation recently, one question occurred to many: just who is behind this? Something this widespread and well-coordinated doesn't happen by accident.

The British daily The Guardian has provided an answer: Janet Porter, a "lunatic fringe" right-to-lifer who spearheads an advocacy group called "Faith 2 Action."

Ms. Porter's views are extreme even by the standards of many social conservatives. She believes life begins at conception and homosexuality is a choice. She has said "gay marriage caused Noah’s floods," and organized a 1990s gay conversion campaign. And like Donald Trump, she was a vocal proponent of the Barack Obama “birther” conspiracy theory.

Despite her influence, she has managed to keep such a low profile that few mainstream Americans have even heard of her. She consented to an interview by the Guardian under the condition her location remain secret.

While supporters tout the recent red state anti-abortion sweep as a victory, Ms. Porter doesn't think even that goes far enough. She sees herself as working in the tradition of the Civil War-era abolitionists.

Yet despite the support she enjoys, she is a divisive figure among the right as well as the left. Some prominent conservatives, notably Tomi Lahren and Pat Robertson have complained the legislation goes too far.

And you can imagine what her opponents on the left have to say; the Southern Poverty Law Center, a self-described left-wing "watchdog" organization, has designated "Faith 2 Action a "hate group."


[Source: Guardian]

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