The art of smack talk probably has been going on since the caveman days

So are you asking yourself what exactly is "Smack talk"? Well, it's no doubt one of the most gratifying things you can do when the timing is just right. Smack talk is just your basic rubbing it in, bragging, making fun of, and the best part of it all is when smack talk is warranted. Quick example: you just beat your opponent in ping pong, either by one point or you shut them out, the smack talk begins. "Hey what happened to your mallet, you got a hole in it?" Do you see how fun that is? Unless of course, you are the poor sap who got clobbered. Smack talk should be in the Olympics, it's a true art form, and a man in Brainerd, Minnesota just elevated his smack craft to a new level.

Buying billboard space to tease your buddy is absolutely genius

There are a group of friends that go fishing together at least once a year, a tradition if you will. Their competitive nature gets the best of them, to see who can catch the most fish. Check out what Troy did, somehow he was able to get THE Christopher McDonald from the movie Happy Gilmore - He played the role of Shooter, McDonald recorded a video telling the four other guys that they were going to lose against Troy.

Troy had a really bad day

As in he caught zero fish, and David Vee pulled the ultimate smack talk stunt, to let everyone know just how bad Troy's performance was, and if you are traveling down Highway 371 keep an eye open for this. According to "David put up an electronic billboard with Troy's face saying "This is Troy. He sucks at fishing. Talk smack to him at"

A well deserved mic drop


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