The title of this story speaks for a whole city

"Today we're high on the Bismarck Bobcats" those words came from the owner Thom Brigl this morning on the phone. A pretty dramatic week I would say for Thom and his team, as of last Friday, the Bobcats were looking at two MUST wins against their heated rival Minot to get them to the playoffs, no room for error. The Friday game in Minot was rescheduled for last night ( due to the blizzard ) which meant that the cats would play here on Saturday night. With an electric 2-1 victory, WE were facing a WINNER-TAKE-ALL last night, on the road, in Minot.

Taking you back to January 1st, 2022

Bismarck Bobcats were in last place.

Bismarck Bobcats Hockey
Bismarck Bobcats Hockey Facebook

As bleak as that may have seemed, I asked Thom how his player's mindsets were - "They never gave up, they came to the rink on Mondays hungry to get better" Brigl the owner since 2001 has 3 focuses for his organization. 1) Primary objective is to provide a goal for his 16-20-year old juniors to chase their dream of landing on a college hockey team. Last year 17 guys from the Bobcast advanced to college. 2) All about the community. To do what they can to help out youth and organizations, they have helped raise over $400,000. 3) To provide entertainment, to deliver a product that showcases excellent hockey, and get a crowd excited.

Bismarck Bobcats 25th anniversary

Talk about a physical grinding 60-game season, that's what the coaches and athletes go through. Demanding months of punishment on the body led up to a final game, that would determine if their season was over or not. Here is Thom Brigl proudly wearing a special 25th-anniversary jersey. He told me once again that his cats NEVER gave up. "We believed we could actually do it, to beat our rival"

Bismarck Bobcats Hockey facebook
Bismarck Bobcats Hockey Facebook


Thom is a very out-of-the-way kind of guy. When last night's game got under way, he was out in the parking lot, listening to the action on the radio. The drama and suspense of every second were delivered by announcer Cory Berberian. Here is a video of the final seconds of a Bismarck Bobcat 5-1 WIN, that capped off an amazing comeback from last place to make the playoffs. A second-half of a season that Thom has never before seen in the league. So my question was, did he celebrate in his car? Heck no, coach Layne Sedevie tossed him the game puck, and seconds later he was drenched in water in a wild celebration surrounded by the whole team in the locker room.

Bismarck Bobcats Hockey Facebook

Robertson Cup Playoffs Here We Come

This Friday night, in St.Cloud, game one of the first round of playoffs. You can listen to hit on Super Talk 1270. Good Luck Bobcats!!!!

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