I'm certainly not the only one that saw this last night......am I?

So there I was last night enjoying the 30 plus degrees temperature, sitting out on my 2nd-floor patio around 8:00 pm smoking a cigar when I glanced up at the sky. I couldn't really make out what it was, but I have never seen something that odd. Now I'm sure by looking at the picture you can come up with some very logical explanations, please give them to me.

Was it a dream or was I abducted by aliens from another planet who hate people who wear a San Diego Padre hat and smoke cigars?

Ok so it appeared like it was some long vapor trail from a passing jet, but this thing went straight up like maybe a rocket was shot in the sky. I mean don't vaper trails OR jet streams move vertically or diagonally? I'm pretty sure my two cats thought I was nuts when I repeated the sequence of the musical tones from the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind,  If those were out-of-this word visitors I saw last night up in the Bismarck sky, they rudely ignored my greeting.

Vincent V.C YouTube

Have you ever seen a UFO in Bismarck/Mandan?

First, do you believe in life on other planets? Do they have a Taco John's in some distant galaxy? When you break it down, many people will tell you they have seen something they can't explain, an Unidentified Flying Object. I'm just wondering if I'm the only person who thought that image was odd last night.

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