At long last, it's Election Day (whew). If you're voting today in North Dakota, here are the resources you need...

Here's the checklist:

One thing we will not do is give you a lecture on why you should vote. There is a case for staying home. What we will say is. If you do plan to vote, we are more than happy to provide you with the resources.

It is true that your one vote won't really make a difference. Still, it's  nice to know you have the opportunity to have a say, however small,  on how things are done.

We sincerely hope you find your voting experience satisfying today. And if for some reason you're not, you might take comfort in the words of journalist and curmudgeon Henry Louis Mencken (well, we think he said it):

"Voting doesn't really change anything. If it did, they'd have to make it illegal."

[Sources: The Skimm]

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