What do the members of North Dakota’s congressional have to say about the weekend mass shootings?

West Dakota Fox says Congressman Armstrong is calling for stricter enforcement of existing gun laws:

“I condemn these acts of violence and the racism, bigotry, and white nationalism that drives these cowards. I’m disheartened by the politicization of these tragedies. Mass shootings are a uniquely American problem that require a holistic approach and a serious bipartisan response. We need to enforce the gun laws already in place, ensure that individuals who should not have access to guns do not, and invest in technologies that better allow mental health providers and law enforcement officials to communicate.

“Congress needs to come together to work towards solutions and to target the root of the problem, the individuals that carry out these despicable acts. May God bless the families of the victims, the first responders who put themselves in danger to save lives, and the community members who lined up to donate blood in response to these tragedies.”


Senator Hoeven advocates strengthening background checks:

“The shootings in El Paso and Dayton were truly evil, and our nation must condemn all acts of hate. As the President said, we need to work together to address this very serious problem. For example, we have worked in a bipartisan manner to pass the Stop School Violence Act, to provide schools with additional resources and training to prevent school violence as well as the FIX NICS Act to strengthen the background check system.”

As for Senator Kevin Cramer, he said the following in two separate tweets:

"We appreciate President Donald Trump’s unifying remarks to the nation."

"Kris and I are praying for the families & loved ones of those who lost their lives this weekend, as well as our law enforcement & the first responders who are working tirelessly to bring safety and justice to these communities."

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