If you have a political campaign sign on your property ahead of the upcoming election, you need to remove it within 10 days following the election.

The city of Bismarck is reminding residents that per the city ordinance, political campaign signs must be removed by Nov. 18.

Here is the full ordinance provided on page 16 of the building regulations ordinance.

In order to balance the free speech rights of citizens regarding candidate choices or ballot measures to be decided at special, primary or general elections with the interests of the city in maintaining a safe and clean environment for its citizens, the commission adopts the following rules with respect to political campaign signs placed in residential areas: Political campaign signs placed in residential districts must be removed within 10 days following the election. Political campaign signs in residential areas shall be limited to a total of sixteen square feet exclusive of supports. Political campaign signs may not be placed upon the public right-of-way or upon any publically owned property and may not be placed in the area of a sight triangle, as defined in Ordinance 14-02-03, so as to obstruct the sight lines of vehicles.

Election Day is Nov. 8 (and not Nov. 28).