The holiday season is here, and people are out and about shopping. Most are spreading good cheer, one person, in particular, caused quite a fright last Sunday

We see it every year around this time. When the stores become just a little more crowded with people trying to get their Christmas shopping down. North Dakotans are mostly easy going friendly, and that's all year round. So that old saying "That strangers actually tend to smile at others, more so during the festive time of year " doesn't really apply here, because remember we are "North Dakota Nice" all year round. All it takes though to damper the spirits are the actions of an unstable person. Especially when they have a criminal record.

A mom and her two teenage kids were shopping at Walmart when a "Normal" night turned terrifying

Let's face it, Walmart can be a busy place sometimes, on the weekends it can be downright chaotic. To magnify that situation 100 times over, you just never know how something so simple, like shopping, can end up terrifying in a matter of a couple of seconds. According to KX NET "A registered sex offender has been arrested and charged after allegedly grabbing a teenage boy in a shopping center on Sunday evening" Needless to say the mother was in shock  “You go to Walmart to shop and don’t expect your son to be attacked.” KX NET added.

The unknown is ALWAYS the scariest part

Here is the creepiest part, KX NET reported that the alleged stalker muttered just a few words when he grabbed the teen “I’m sorry, but I just have to.”

Bismarck Police Department gave the best advice

Just make sure of your surroundings, everywhere you go. Be preventive for anything that could happen. You just never know WHO is out there.

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