This Tuesday, March 10, is Caucus Day in North Dakota.

Since the Republican race has already been decided (sorry, Bill Weld), this article will focus on what's happening on the Democratic side of things.

Among the more titillating developments, is a new rule that some say may work in the favor of former Vice President Joe Biden.

As Tom Jennings at KFGO notes, "What’s new in 2020 is that the system is more like a primary than a traditional caucus. People are free to vote and leave. And in a boon to rural voters, mail-in ballots will be accepted."

That makes for a more direct process, opposed to the more traditional caucus format in which candidates are selected in "smoke-filled rooms."

This makes it all easier for moderates, minorities and the elderly, three groups who might be less likely to participate otherwise.

This should work to the advantage of Mr. Biden, vis-a-vis Bernie Sanders, whose younger and more politically active supporters would be more likely to turn out in force.

In any event, North Dakota is a culturally conservative state across the board, which one can assume would give the former veep a leg up on the progressive Sen. Sanders.

Then again, it's a strange year for politics. Watch for developments...

[Source: KFGO Radio]

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