If you have not received mail for a while now, you may want to take a look at your sidewalk or where you mail box is.

Preston Rescigno / Getty Images
Preston Rescigno / Getty Images

The Postal Service said they have been unable to deliver mail in some areas because of snow covered sidewalks and or mail boxes being blocked by high snow drifts.

Normally, residents in Bismarck have 24 hours to clear their sidewalk, but because of the back to back blizzards, the city has eased that requirement until January 30th.

But if snow is blocking your mailbox or your walkway, and you have not received mail in over a week, you need to clear a path so the mail service can find their way safely to your box.

The Postal Service did leave notes in mailboxes informing the resident they needed to clear a path for the postal service.

One resident is Bismarck said it's been over a week since his mail has been delivered.

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