The national average price for gasoline is roughly the same since last Memorial Day, as well as the start of 2017.

Over 38 million people will be traveling this Memorial Day, and they'll be enjoying the fact that the national average of $2.39 per gallon is the second cheapest in been in the past decade at this time. This is especially promising for holiday road trips considering the national average for the past ten years is $3.15 for Memorial Day weekend.

According to GasBuddy, the North Dakota average is currently at $2.30 per gallon and the low is at $2.12 per gallon. In Bismarck, the low is just over the state average at $2.32. You can find that price at Sam's Club (2821 Rock Island Place).

As for the number of people on the road this holiday weekend, it is estimated to be a 7 percent increase over the number of people at this time last year.

Happy Road-Tripping, everyone! Be safe out there!


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