Isaac Cramer, the oldest son of North Dakota U.S. Congressman Kevin Cramer has died.The congressman announced via social media that his son Isaac Cramer, died this week at the Mayo Clinic. The 35 year-old had been hospitalized in Bismarck before transferring to Mayo, for liver and kidney issues.

Here is the statement posted by the congressman via Facebook:

Kris and I are grateful we were both able to be with our son Isaac Cramer at the Mayo Clinic Methodist Hospital in Rochester this morning as he went to be with Jesus. We were listening to @jeremycamp singing “You’re Worthy of My Praise”, holding hands, when Ike looked at me and took his last breath on Earth. Now Isaac feels no anxiety or urging for alcohol. He feels no pain and will never be depressed again. Today is our youngest son Abel’s 11th birthday. Ike introduced Abel to us on his 25th birthday over 10 years ago. Now Isaac and Abel share the same birthday. God is good!

Mr. Cramer says he and his wife were with their son at the time of his death.

[Source: Facebook Kevin Cramer page]

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