An old relic from the Cold War is back.

Those of us old enough to remember that period remember 'Civil Defense drills," where students would march down to the school basement to huddle against the walls, or "duck and cover" which entailed crouching under school desks, as a means of surviving a thermonuclear blast.

Now, the rise of international terrorism and incidents like the recent shooting in Las Vegas have prompted a resurgence of what many call "active shooter drills."

KXMB reports in the town of Alexander, North Dakota, police this week spoke with parents at the local school system about what they call "ALICE drills."

ALICE stands for:  alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate.

Some of the parents who attended said they had some concerns on how it would be introduced to younger kids, but generally liked the idea of their children taking a "proactive" approach.

[Source: KXMB-TV News]

[Source: YouTube]

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