How can you ever get over the traumatic moment you saw with your own eyes?

This is a horrendous news story about a father involved in an altercation with a police officer at his son's school in Hettinger County, North Dakota. The end result was 34-year-old Jeffrie Glover Jr being shot to death, I can't even begin to imagine the horror of witnessing that.

A "lethal force scenario" took place

This all took place Thursday afternoon just before 3:00 pm at the Mott-Regent School. It was reported that Glover Jr went inside the school to confront his ex-wife's new boyfriend. Police were called after the situation escalated. According to The Hettinger County Sheriff’s Office said "...The deputy made contact with Jeffrie Ray Glover Jr., the sheriff’s office said. Glover had refused to leave the school and assaulted the deputy during their encounter, according to deputies.. the assault led the deputy into a “lethal force scenario” that left Glover dead" Friends say that the dad's youngest son reportedly saw his father die, but that has not been confirmed. The deputy that pulled the trigger has been placed on administrative leave.

There will be an investigation of this shooting has reported that "The sheriff's office has turned the case over to the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, which is expected to review the deputy's actions "as quickly as possible" Incidents like this always have people questioning why deadly force was carried out and how it could have been avoided, it's another one of those situations where police make split-second decisions all while having to consider their surroundings and the safety of others.


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