President Joe Biden has once again extended the halt on federal student loan repayments.

I have recently been receiving a lot of emails pertaining to the pending restart of student loan repayments. As someone who still has tens of thousands of dollars worth of student loans to pay back, you can imagine my relief when I received the email saying that repayment has been delayed yet again. Today, President Joe Biden reportedly put another pause on student loan repayments until May 1, 2022.

How much student loan debt do North Dakotans hold?

The states were fairly recently ranked according to the average debt held per borrower. According to Chicago Tribune, as of 2020, 96,500 North Dakota borrowers hold an average student loans debt of $27,100 per borrower. Our state is ranked at number 50 for the least amount of student debt. In the same article, students in South Carolina ranked number one with the highest average debt per borrower at $36,800 - there are 736,400 student loan borrowers in South Carolina. So, things could be worse, but they could be better, too.

Is it worth it to go into debt just to get an education?

I will admit, if I was wiser when I was younger, I would have made it clear to my parents that I was not going to college. I mean, I had great experiences there, but I know too many people who are doing just fine without degrees or that crippling student loan debt. And I do not think a degree is worth the money. I would rather work without major debt than go into adulthood with it.

What are your thoughts on the student debt crisis in America?

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