Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) is responding to harsh criticism from the people of North Dakota and his opponent, state Sen. George Sinner (D), by pulling an ad his campaign shot at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery.

Cramer, whose heart we suppose was in the right place, touts his "support for Honor Flights, which bring World War II and other veterans to Washington to visit the memorials, and his outrage over mismanagement at the Department of Veterans Affairs," The Huffington Post reports.

But Sinner, for one, is not impressed:

We have heard from veterans across North Dakota who are offended and appalled at Kevin Cramer's actions... [which are] a violation of the law which very clearly states that political activities of any kind are not allowed. This includes our state-run veterans cemetery in Mandan. No one... should use those who have served and sacrificed as political props on these hallowed grounds. Today, I am joining the National Guard,, and veterans across this state and this country in calling on Congressman Cramer to remove this ad and apologize immediately.

Whether or not these ads should run is not only a question of taste; it is simply against the law. When asked by if it is legal to film political ads in state-run cemeteries, August Honeyman of the North Dakota National Guard has a no-nonsense reply: "The answer is no, they cannot do it."

For his part, Rep. Cramer told that he was pulling the ads; however, he did not go in to his reasons for doing so.

[Update: It seems Sen. Sinner may be throwing stones without regard for his own glass house. Rob Port, editor of, brings evidence to our attention that the Senator may have done something startlingly similar  to what he's accusing Rep. Cramer of, back in July.] 

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